Completed Solar Pumps System

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Completed Solar Pumps System


The available systems are from 0.37 Kw to 55 KW, pump systems Bigger than 55kw is custom made.

About EIM Energy Solar Pumping Systems

Solar pumping system can be applied to daily use (ground water), agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, wastewater treatment engineering, and so on. A single solar system consists of only one pump, a power -matched solar array and an inverter. The aim of optimization is to reduce the amount of PV modules as much as possible on the premise of filling the requirement of head and capacity. The rotational speed of pump is regulated according to the irradiation on the solar array; when the sunlight reaches its peak, the pump runs at the rated speed, and the output approaches the peak power of the solar array; So, there are big differences between solar water pump systems and traditional pumping systems in system design, and the system should be optimized according to the requirements of head, capacity, and local conditions of sunlight.


  • The pump (Different kind of pumps like submersible, surface, booster,etc).

  • The PV modules.

  • The solar inverter (Converts the Dc current to AC and control the pump).

How does the Solar Pumps works?

After setting the modules to face south we connect it to the solar pump inverter, the inverter takes the dc current from the PV and converts it to the Ac needed by the pump, and we connect the pump to the inverter to take its power. It works daytime as long as there is sun light and we can store water in a tank if not needed.

About EIM Energy PV modules

Photovoltaic’s (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity solar panels composed of a number of solar cells containing a photovoltaic material. by end of 2012, the 100 GW installed capacity milestone was achieved.

PV Modules Benefits and advantages

  • High-quality cell and strict control of production processes ensure that our company can provide the clients with the products of excellent performance and reliable quality.

  • The tempered glass with high transmittance ensures the maximum efficiency among cell modules with the same efficiency.

  • High-strength aluminum alloy frame ensures strong mechanical properties of the module. (Which can fixed by screws or installed with brackets at clients' request).

  • Waterproof junction box passed product certification, which can minimize the damage to module from solar power hot spot effect.

  • The module is encapsulated with high-performance material, which can prolong the service life of the module.

  • Our products obtained domestic and international authentic certificates such as TüV, UL, VDE and Golden Sun, and conform to domestic and international standards such as IEC61125,IEC61730 and UL1703.

  • (0,+5W) 100% Tolerance.

  • High performance in low solar radiation.

  • Resistance to ammonia and salt mist corrosion.

About EIM Energy Solar pump Inverters

Solar pumping inverter converts DC current from the solar array into AC current to drive the pump. With the function of MPPT (maximum power point tracking), it regulates the output frequency according to irradiation in real time to achieve the maximum power. 

Solar Inverters Features

  • Adopting the proposed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method; Fast response and stable operation; better than the conventional methods which may lead to the problems including poor tracking performances, unstable or even cause water hammer damaging when the irradiation on the array changes rapidly.

  • The solar pumping inverters system is dispensed with energy storing devices, and stores water instead of electricity. It improves the reliability of the device, at the same time, it lowers the construction and maintenance costs of the system dramatically.

  • Digital control, automatic operation and data acquisition/storage of 8 years, etc. 98% of conversion efficiency, and complete protection.

  • In-line blocks, user friendly, convenient for operating; perfect cooling and shielding.

  • Intelligent Power Module (IPM) for maintaining stability.

  • Aluminum alloy construction, LED display.

  • IP52 Protection.

  • Perfect cooling and shielding.

  • Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +50˚C.

The system does not have batteries, Yet it can be added by request.

Benefits of Solar pumps

  • Risk free.

  • Almost zero running cost.

  • Very long life time.

  • Eliminate the need for conventional fossil fuel generation.

  • Safe Power.

  • Environmentally friendly. Compared to fossil fuels which release greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide, solar cells don't release anything into the air.

  • Very reliable doesn’t need any maintenance.

  • Noise free.

  • Cost effective.


Why you should buy the full solution?

The Full Solar system is designed according to the 11 years of research data collected by our demonstration every 3 seconds.

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