Solar Street Lighting

on Friday, 08 March 2013. Posted in Solar Lighting

Solar Street Lighting



  • Battery type: GEL.

  • Battery capacity: will design according to the location.

  • Solar Module: will design according to the location.

  • Charge control unit: will design according to the location.

Benefits and advantages

  • Most cost efficient solar LED lighting solution per km of road.

  • Patented optics and high brightness LED lighting breakthrough allows for up to 50m spacing.

  • Smart charging and discharging of battery extends battery life and improves system performance.

  • Complies with strict EU street lighting regulations.

  • No need to lay cable, transformer, pillar and cable channel.

How the solar system does works?

When the sun shines during the day, the solar panel converts solar energy to electrical energy and stores it in the battery. During the night, the battery is discharged, releasing electrical to power the LED luminaire - hence lighting the road.

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