Solar Mobile Lighting

on Friday, 08 March 2013. Posted in Solar Lighting

Solar Mobile Lighting



The new solar light tower from EIM Energy takes the advantages of solar LED lighting on the road. Ideal for military, security, emergency response, special events, construction sites and any other application where on-demand lighting is desired. This towable system provides cost-effective bright white lighting without all of the disadvantages inherent to diesel generator light towers – noise, fumes, cost and availability of diesel fuel.

Frequent maintenance and a carbon footprint.


Benefits and advantages

  • Portable, brilliant white lighting-on-demand with instant-on/off.

  • Runs 100% on carbon-free, renewable energy from the sun.

  • Reliable and totally independent from fuel or the electric grid.

  • Advanced but proven Solar and LED lighting technology.

  • No audible sound or heat signature in the field.

  • Fully supports current administration policies.

  • Ideal for military, security, emergency response or event lighting.

  • Cost-effective, eliminating fuel and routine maintenance costs.

  • Its green, reliable, affordable and the Right thing to do.

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