EIM Energy


Vision is focused on helping create a more sustainable future for our country and its people. Through our work, we see clear opportunities to influence people's thinking and behaviors towards energy efficiency and the use of natural, sustainable methods of energy production and utilization..


About Us

aboutEnergy from the sun makes sense; and EIM-ENERGY makes it a reality. While the solar generation market is only now taking shape in Egypt, EIM-ENERGY can offer the accumulated experience to provide realistic solutions and applications to tender to the various market needs. We provide the full life cycle of services and applications for a successful implementation and operation, offering and creating successful solutions and implementations for our clients — all this from a single source. At EIM-ENERGY, we take pride in our ability to work diligently with all parties to create projects that result in successful completion and satisfied stakeholders. With EIM-ENERGY's experience, expertise and access to a proven track record, we offer the confidence necessary to initiate and follow through on individual needs as well as large-scale solutions, applications and projects. In the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable energy generation, EIM-ENERGY is your answer in Egypt.

Our Team Mission

EIM Energy was formed to provide solutions for the increasing demand of alternative and sustainable energy sources. The economic changes of our world require these new sources be reliable and immediate! EIM-Energy is committed to supplying the most proven solar energy systems to every individual and public or public institute’s solar property and commercial solar power property in Egypt.

Assessing .....

Assessingour expert engineers apply an in-depth study on the project subject for a highly focused process of assessments for the establishment/ customer’s needs and requirements.

Training and Enhancement .....

Training and Enhancementnot only we develop new systems, but also we offer training facilities for the customers for more enhanced product values and services.

Planning .....

PlanningFrom business transformation solutions to bringing to market your integrated technology solutions efficiently and with quality service execution.

Designing and Systematizing .....

Designing and Systematizingour technology wizards design and systematize the solar energy upgrades upon our customers’ requirements, in addition to a continuous technical support.

Construction and Execution .....

Construction and ExecutionOne of our main areas of expertise is our constructional capacities, with flexibility in materializing end product within tightest time frames and with highly customizable features.


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